Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chasing Rabbits

Just as I was in Atlanta, I have been jogging through Eindhoven to learn my way around, spend time with God and get some exercise. Tonight I stumbled upon a herd of rabbits grazing in an open field - I don't think that 'herd' is right term. Perhaps a 'bunch of bunnies'? Or a maybe a 'rabbit pack'? Yeah, I don't know. Anyway so I found this group of rabbits, there were at least half a dozen - there could have been more because I could barely keep track of them. I chased those guys around for like ten minutes. At my fastest sprint they were leaving me behind (I would say 'leaving me in their dust', but it was really much more like mud than dust). And they kept changing their direction darting left and right, even running circles around me. I'm sure anyone that saw me thought I was training for the (Special) Olympics. But I had fun and I was praising God the whole time for those little critters (I'm not really from the South... can I call them critters?). Now I think I know why you shouldn't spend your time chasing rabbits, because unless you are trying to get a good cardiovascular workout don't bother, because you won't catch one.

Sometimes I feel like design is this way; in trying to find a solution you chase all of these rabbits and in the end you've had a lot of fun and you're exhausted, but don't have much to show for it. I have been learning to move forward in the design process without feeling that I have best solution, which is important in design, because you will never have the absolutely best solution. But if you have something, if you find some kind of solution, run with it, develop it and bring it to life. In doing that you are moving forward in the design process and even if it is not the best solution, it will probably be at least a good one.

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